We want to give you a real


A parenthesis that highlights the importance of "slowness", of the passage of time to the rhythm of nature with the pleasant relaxation that it entails.Thanks to the empathic and familiar character of our B&B you will bring with you the warmth of this wonderful place.

All your senses will be involved and fulfilled!

The view is ecstatic from the countryside, from the sunrises and sunsets, from the city of Siena that shows up to here its historic Torre del Mangia and the bell tower of the Duomo;

The hearing stimulated by the sounds of the wood and the notes of the music that harmoniously spread in the rooms;

The smell intoxulated by flowers, by Oriental incense, by delightful candles;

The touch awakened by the contact of bare feet with Mother Earth and her fresh green grass;

The taste delighted by the flavors that awaken the palate in the morning, when a wonderful salty and sweet breakfast will be prepared specially for you.